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More about our CBD Edibles

Horizon Lab's CBD Edibles are the best way to consume cannabidiol (CBD) for many people. The high purity CO2 extraction process gives a taste that is mild enough not to mask the flavour of your usual food, but still has all the benefits of cannabidiol! Our range includes vegan gummies enhanced with CBD, soft gels made from pure CBD oil and other treats such as chocolate.

What is CBD's Purpose?

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp or marijuana plants.

It has a wide range of benefits, from making you feel calmer to being able to treat those that suffer from seizures, all without getting you “high” or causing any of the unpleasant side effects that THC can cause.

People who use it report feeling calmer, less anxious, getting more sleep, combating the effects of addiction, treating seizures, reducing anxiety, and a slew of other advantages.

If any of these sound even remotely appealing to you, you should investigate which of our gummies you should try first.

What Are Edibles With Cannabidiol?

CBD edibles are CBD items that can be consumed.

Horizon Labs CBD edibles allow you to self-administer your desired dose in the form of a gummy.

When you consume our edibles, you're getting a long-lasting source of CBD in a tasty box.

CBD Edibles Come in a Variety of Forms

Protein Bars with CBD

These bars, which contain a good mix of CBD and protein, would appeal to gym rats.

Gummies with CBD

Gummy bears with CBD, just as you like them. It's usually in the form of a gummy bear, but you can also get them in the form of rings, vegetables, or other fun shapes.

Get this: you can even order a gummy that allows you to adjust the dose.

Dried CBD Fruit

CBD dried fruits are a new take on one of your classics.

This is an excellent substitute for sweets if you want to avoid them. CBD dried fruits are gaining popularity among health-conscious individuals.

What Makes These Edibles So Special?

Unlike oils or topicals, our CBD gummies have a few advantages:

Our CBD infused edibles have a great taste that will make you less reluctant to take some. Oil-based CBD extracts have an unpleasant bitter taste that can be a turn off for a lot of people, but our CBD infused edibles have a great taste that will make you less hesitant to take some. Just make sure you don't eat them all at once if you don't like them. They're a lot easier to use than oils for beginners. Edibles are much easier to dose than liquids like oil because they don't need any calculation. Although CBD can help you relax, the last thing you want to do is overdo it on the dosage. Edibles are more obtrusive. Our CBD gummies are a lot more discreet than taking a capsule or using oil and leaving a droplet under your tongue for a while before swallowing; eating a gummy bear is a lot more discreet than taking a capsule or using oil. There is no danger of lung inflammation. Although vaping your CBD may work for some people, others may have lung problems that prevent them from doing so, or they may simply be uncomfortable vaping the drug. If you eat an edible correctly, it has no risk of irritating your lungs.

Would I Still Be Eligible for Benefits?

Yes, of course! Our edibles will also be able to have the same results as our other CBD products.

After waiting for the edible to reach your digestive system, you will begin to experience the benefits that you are either either familiar with or are discovering for the first time.

What Are the Functions of These Edibles?

They will make it much easier for you to use CBD in a more attractive and easy manner.

We're confident that you'll find a use for our gummies, which can help with anything from tension to pain to seizures.

CBD Edibles Are Beneficial To Whom?

Our CBD gummies will be beneficial to anyone who wants to use CBD.

They're a delicious way to ingest CBD that's also much easier to dose than other CBD products and more appealing to newcomers.

CBD oils and other forms of ingestion, despite not being able to get you high, can still cause you to test positive on drug tests due to the small amount of THC they contain.

If you work anywhere where drug checks are normal but still want to enjoy the positive effects of CBD, you should choose gummies over something else because they don't contain THC.

Is it legal to eat CBD edibles?

Since CBD infused edibles are extracted from the hemp plant, they are THC-free.

This makes them legal in many states, where cannabinoids with no THC content are only permitted to be purchased, possessed, and consumed.

  • Horison Labs CBD offers high-quality edibles.
  • Horizon Labs CBD sells CBD gummies that are not only tasty but also nutritious.

Before you decide to buy CBD edibles online, speak with your doctor to see if it is the right option for you and if it would conflict with any of your prescription drugs.

Your doctor will also be able to assist you in determining what dosage is appropriate for you to begin with, after which you can conveniently take your preferred dose thanks to the ease with which edibles can be consumed in this domain.

You're ready to fill your cart and check out once you've received your physician's approval.

Our gummies are an excellent way for you to begin taking advantage of the soothing properties and pain relief that CBD has been known to provide in a way that is far more approachable.

After consulting with your doctor, choose which of our gummies you'd like to try first.

To learn more about our gummies, send us a note!